Capacity :1.7L
Inside high borosilicate glass body ,healthy and
easy clean , Outside PP cool touch
Large Digital Temperature Screen display
Four pre-set temperatures
White (Tea) 70°C
Green (Tea) 80°C
Oolong (Tea) 90°C
Boil (Black &Herbal tea) 100°C
Concealed 304 stainless steel heating element
Automatically cover open.large opening for easy fill water and clean
Stainless steel cover inner
Electronic control with the function of boiling,
2 hours keep warm and 8 times memory function
13 levels setting for different need
Power:220-240V,50/60Hz, 1850-2200W
QTY OF 20"GP: 2100PCS
QTY OF 40"GP: 4320PCS
QTY OF 40"HQ: 5100PCS